MidWest Krav Maga Reviews

MidWest Krav Maga Paul T.

I’ve been a martial artist for more than 20 years. I earned a Black belt from an organization that does not give away their ranks. I decided to try a different fighting style and started training at Midwest Krav Maga about 8 months ago. The instructors are great and really take an interest in teaching their students. This is a “no nonsense” approach to self-defense and survival. It has definitely made me a better fighter and has taken my skills to a higher level. My 14 year old son loves it too and trains with me every week. Paul Tapia M.D.

Paul T.

MidWest Krav Maga Dawn K.

I love this gym. High intensity workouts, but you can go at your own pace and build your fitness level without shame. I like learning how to be my own body guard.

Dawn K.

MidWest Krav Maga Missy W.

Love this place. Instructors are fantastic and experienced. You walk away learning something new in every class.

Missy W.

MidWest Krav Maga Kerrie S.

I've been going to this gym for about a month now, and so far, I love everything about it - the instruction, the other students, and the atmosphere. It's sort of a family feel, supportive, friendly, and fun, but they don't let you off the hook. I really look forward to going to class every week.

Kerrie S.

MidWest Krav Maga Colleen S.

I took a trial class at Midwest Krav Maga last Thursday and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere is friendly, which is perfect for me as a beginner. The material that was covered in just a one hour session was very impressive. Paul, the owner is great! He followed up with me the very next day and made me feel very welcome at my first class. I am so excited about joining the group at Midwest Krav Maga soon to begin my training!

Colleen S.

MidWest Krav Maga Justin M.

MW Krav Maga is an amazing place! You feel welcome and NEVER intimidated from the moment you walk in. My whole family trains with Paul 2-3 times a week. My daughter just turned 6 and even she loves it. I would highly recommend MW Krav Maga to anyone young or old. It is great for your confidence, your physical health, and it is huge mentally knowing you will posses the tools to be able to defend yourself in a not so safe and friendly world. I sleep well at night knowing at the end of the day my daughter, son, wife and myself will be a little safer thanks to Paul and Midwest Krav Maga!

Justin M.

MidWest Krav Maga Amber S.

This is the place for realistic self-defense training. The instructors and members are very welcoming and help build you up as you go. Definitely stop by and check them out! It's the best decision you can make for the safety of you and your family.

Amber S.

MidWest Krav Maga Julia Theodorow-Lowe

The training is relevant in our society. Great exercise and confidence builder for my son. He is learning all technical aspects needed for self defense and fighting sports if that is something he chooses to pursue.

Julia Theodorow-Lowe

MidWest Krav Maga Mop Jitsu

Great environment and a great group of people. I suggest it to anyone looking to defend themselves, get in shape, and have a good time.

Mop Jitsu

MidWest Krav Maga Richard Milkovitz

I love Midwest Krav Maga because every class is more fun then the next. They offer the most realistic form of self defense with the added benefit of weight loss.

Richard Milkovitz

MidWest Krav Maga Robbie S.

Paul Fritsche is absolutely fantastic. He breaks everything down so people can understand it! I trained at several other gyms over various forms of martial arts, and none compared to this gym. It is fantastic and their kids program is just as spectacular!

Robbie S.

MidWest Krav Maga Michael V.

Midwest Krav Maga is great! I have been fortunate to train there for over 2 years. Paul Fritsche is an excellent instructor. He is a Black Belt in Krav Maga with training in other disciplines. His expertise and patience allows him to train students at all levels. If you want to learn valuable self defense skills while getting fit call Midwest Krav Maga.

Michael V.

MidWest Krav Maga Ryan G.

I have been a member for almost 2 years. This is a great place to get a good workout and learn self defense. The instructors care about your development and goals and will help you reach them. Whether you want to learn self defense or get in better shape and have fun while doing it, Midwest Krav Maga will make it happen.

Ryan G.

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