Fit To Fight

Our Fit To Fight System Combines The Best Aspects Of Self-Defense And Total-Body Fitness

Looking for a new way to train? Look no further. At Midwest Krav Maga, our Fit To Fight system is offering men and women across St. Charles the best blend of high-energy self-defense and total-body fitness training. 

You'll learn how to strike with power and speed and you'll walk away feeling more confident than ever before. This class is great for all experience levels.

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So How Does The Fit To Fight System Work?

We're blending the best aspects of striking and self-defense with total-body cardio exercises and lean, functional strength training. Our Fit To Fight system can keep you on your toes day in and day out and help you defend against any real-world threat.

From day one, you'll learn how to strike using heavy bag sessions and rapid-fire training. Plus, we'll help you develop incredible balance and footwork that can help you avoid a punch in any situation.

At Midwest Krav Maga, we're helping men and women of all backgrounds learn:

  • Powerful punches from any position
  • Accurate and effective kicks and jabs
  • Lightning-quick reaction times to a threat
  • Improved confidence in all aspects of life

And Don't Forget About The Incredible Physical Gains 

Like we said, the goal of this program is to keep you on your toes during each and every workout. In the Fit To Fight system, no two classes are the same.

We'll challenge you to push your body with high-energy striking and total-body conditioning. But we'll also help you stay focused on building your skills one step at a time.

Our team of instructors can help you stay motivated like never before.

At Midwest Krav Maga, we're offering you the chance to enjoy:

  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Total-body fat burning
  • Lean, toned muscles
  • Incredible speed and athleticism

Try It Out Today! Our Fit To Fight Classes Are Great For Everyone In St. Charles!

Your workout routine doesn't have to be boring. Take on a total-body training system that helps you give it your all every time you train. At Midwest Krav Maga, we're helping people of all fitness levels find success.

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