St. Charles SPARology Classes

Push Your Body Into Shape With SPARology!

If you're looking for a concentrated self-defense workout, SPARology combines calorie-burning aerobics with safe sparring and explosive strength moves to rapidly push your body into shape.

Not only will you get an intense workout that will make you faster, stronger and more agile, but you'll also have fun, lose weight and blow off a little steam, as you learn how to empower and protect yourself.

What Makes SPARology Special?

Here at MidWest Krav Maga, you'll enjoy an extreme TOTAL BODY workout using real combat moves and high-energy drills that improve your strengthflexibility, and endurance. We place a very strong emphasis on limiting the level of physical contact so that you can focus on becoming stronger, faster and more confident.

Get An Extreme Full-Body Workout

With SPARology, you will not only learn how to defend yourself, but you'll also get a full-body workout that keeps you thin, shapely and bursting with energy. SPARology borrows very heavily from the foundations of Wrestling, Muay Thai and Boxing.

So, whether your goal is fitness, getting into the ring, or protecting yourself and your family, at Mid West Krav Maga in Saint Charles you'll enjoy a safe, comfortable environment to train in.

Here at MidWest Krav Maga, we strive to provide our students with the tools to:

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Exercise sportsmanship
  • Build a healthier lifestyle
  • Defend themselves

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With MidWest Krav Maga's SPARology program, you will experience unique and cutting-edge methodologies that will take your self-defense and fitness to the next level.  We can't wait to help you achieve your goals!


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