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    C heck out these awesome upcoming events at Midwest Krav Maga!
    Sarturday, Aug 1st
    Back to School Women's Self Defense Seminar from 10am - 1pm. Only $45 for Non0Members and $35 for Members! ....

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    Please note the requirements for the following classes:

    Krav Maga Level I**
    Krav Maga Level II**
    Sparology I**
    Sparology II**
    Must have completed 30 days and passed Foundations test.

    Day classes will predominately be held on Tue and Thurs @ 10:00am. Any updates will be emailed and posted at training center.

    Krav Maga II and Sparalogy II – must have completed test of prior Level

    FTGU – From the Ground Up – new class that will stress techniques designed to get you off the ground and back to standing.

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